Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services

Multimedia services are essential for any business that seeks to promote the launch of new products or brand, in order to increase sales, promote corporate history, company news, corporate mission statements, CEO news and main board testimonials, etc.

We offer you advice, imaginative and creative and elegant corporate videos, research and development of Storyboards.

Also we develop a budget according to your budget needs, as well as a project breakdown in chronological order and planning and evaluation resources, as well as other pre-production requirements.

We offer you a wide range of produced videos especially for your business, designed to deliver your message in the most effective way, using all the resources we have available such as music effects, blue/green screen set, documentary, Public Relations, among others.

We offer good advice for your product, which will not only attract new customers, but also helps you build consumer confidence and loyalty.

Here are our Multimedia services to help you improve your business:

Corporate Services

  • Corporate Stories
  • New product launches
  • Corporate news
  • Corporate Mission Statements
  • CEO News and executives
  • Testimonials

Our Pre-production services include

  • Corporate Videos
  • Advice
  • Research and Development Plan
  • Storyboard
  • Budget
  • Timeline Project Planning
  • Resource Assessment
  • Shooting Location
  • Transport

Post-Production Services

Our editors specialize in editing:

  • Cinema
  • Music Effects
  • Blue / Green screen set
  • Documentary
  • News
  • Ads
  • Corporate Videos

We are sure that we are the most viable and economical option for your business or company, just feel free to contact us to find together the correct road to success for your business project.Vista Effects Productions, Multimedia Services